When I went through therapy all I wanted to know was



Therapy provided a special space to find answers


Who would benefit from Counselling and Psychotherapy services?

Couples in crisis, I know most of us have spent years of investing in our partners, creating a shared vision of the future, creating security and stability for our children. Therapy may help protect this, but most of all it will help bring a common language into your relationships. Whether you stay together or not this language will be with you for the rest of your life, help you care for your children together and create stronger relationships going forward.

Individuals, At sometime in our life we will need help. We are only human. It could be simply we have no-one who to talk to. Being heard is a basic human need (or hunger as Berne might describe it) and is as important as any of the other basic need such as food. Sometime a number of issues can gang up on us e.g. trouble at work combined with problems at home or with problems with your health may mean stress starts to escalate. We make ‘stressy’ decisions, we have less tolerance, argue more and so forth.

Why seek therapy now? the answer might be less associated to a set of events but because you are:

  • feeling despairing or hopeless,
  • feeling or thinking suicidal thoughts,
  • self harming,
  • feeling panic or terror,
  • unable to cope when things go wrong,
  • addressing secret or open addictions,
  • coming to terms with family issues such as abandonment, rejections, conflict
  • living with bereavement and loss.

Why have I started feeling like this now? Often the feeling of anxiety or depression has lost it narration, its just a feeling without a story. Finding the story is the first step to recovery getting the feeling regulated and under a level of control. What our mind forgets our body remembers and that is why we might experience shaking or butterflies or pains. Our minds are super clever at burying stuff so we can get on with the business of living. Its just like having Post Trauma Stress Disorder without being able to remember a trauma! Another common reason and I say common as more people are over 50 than ever before, is that we are not getting any younger and unconscious thoughts about our mortality might start to impact our feeling of well being.

Counselling or Psychotherapy? its a question of depth, sometimes all thats needed is a plaster and other times the feelings run deep and need more care.

My approach is Transactional Analysis and Bodywork theories. An initial assessment appointment ensures that we are a good match in terms of competency and then subsequent appointments can be in either Horsham or Crawley Centres. I am a member of The Cresent Practice at Stan’s Way Horsham and have a room also in Crawley.